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to actually be able to load the dishwasher! No, I'm not being sarcastic. No, I'm not a good or eager housekeeper - far from it! But it's so difficult to load the dishwasher with Freddy around and it feels great when I'm able to do it. He desperately wants to climb into the dishwasher or, at very least, lick everything in or around the vicinity. And I have to time this process very exactly: If he's recently fallen asleep, opening the dishwasher will wake him up. If he's outside, he'll hear it open and come running. If he's been asleep for a while, he may be getting ready to wake up and, you guessed it - try to climb in. So, yes, it is exciting to me when I actually can meet this challenge.
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but it isn't always compatible with eating well and exercising. I know, it could be - but it certainly wasn't this weekend. Oh well, it's a whole new week!
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was having my whole family together for 5 full days! It was a lovely, relaxing time. I did also get some amazing gifts which I will be enjoying for a very long time. But time spent watching everyone play with the puppy (and Tickit, too, of course): Priceless!
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Clearly Freddy reads Live Journal (or at least Facebook, which, admittedly, isn't quite as impressive). Right after I posted about wanting him to learn to sleep until at least 6 am, he started sleeping through the night. One day, he actually slept until after 7am! It's wonderful to be able to get a good night's sleep. But he's so smart, I'm going to have to watch my credit cards for unexpected Amazon orders of doggie toys . . .

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If baby X could learn to recognize the number 6 and be taught that morning doesn't begin until the first number on the digital clock is a 6, then shouldn't we be able to teach Freddy the same thing? Or (dare I hope) even the number 7? It would be nice to not be awakened quite so early!
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I was excited to figure out that I could listen to Playlists (something I take very seriously and really enjoy) while watching doggies play outside. Great idea and a pleasant way to pass the time when I can't accomplish anything more intense.
However, to my surprise, I found out that there are limits to the success of even this lightweight multi-tasking: I've been enjoying the music and making my usual, random comments. However, I sent comments without even noticing that one sentence stopped right in the middle - and, looking back, I have absolutely no idea what I was going to say (something brilliant no doubt ^_^)
Oh well, I'm still going to do it and it will help me get caught up on Playlists - but things are likely to be even more disjointed than usual due to the constant interruptions (like the one that just happened when the mailman came - one of the most exciting moments of the doggie's day!).
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Yesterday, I got stir crazy. I was stuck at home all day, mostly by myself. While it is a pleasure to hang out in the yard with doggies when the weather is lovely (as it had been for the past several days), it is not such a pleasure when it is cold, rainy, and gloomy. Going in and out constantly (trying to facilitate house-breaking) left me drenched to the bone, bored, and cranky. In the evening, going out for a drink or something seemed like too much effort and there was a strong risk of an evening of extended crabbiness. Then J had the brilliant idea of playing Zombicide. We love playing board games, but often don't think of playing them when it is just the two of us. Killing mass quantities of zombies was just what I needed to improve my mood - and we successfully defeated the zombies in a scenario where we had been brutally clobbered before. Evening saved!
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Baby raccoons may look adorable, but not in my backyard - especially when Freddy is too young to have his rabies shot and it makes Tickit absolutely crazy. Plants are evil too: checking an updated list of plants poisonous to dogs shows that almost every plant in our yard is poisonous (and Freddy is an avid plant-chewer). Could things really have changed so much since we checked the list when we got Yoshi?! And don't even get me started on ants!
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and we both had a lovely weekend. Tickit's favorite thing currently is to clean Freddy's ears - she is doing it constantly! That and playing "Wild Puppy" with Freddy seemed to keep her happy all weekend. My weekend appealed to me more: I had a nice ballroom dance evening Friday, a wonderful dinner out on Saturday, heard from both kids even though we decided it wasn't necessary since we are Skyping on Tuesday - they are both so sweet!), and gorgeous weather for hanging out with doggies in the backyard.
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Sat 2/7 - 0 pts (but worth it for a great meal at Bistro 185)
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Is it because I primarily remember the good parts of previously raising puppies and children? Or because I am so much older now? I suspect it is a combination of the two (with an emphasis on age). Oh well, I'm certainly not going to let a little exhaustion get in my way!
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(excellent company, good food, good dancing, good games) = almost nothing accomplished this weekend. But, hey - we do have our priorities!
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"You Ruined Everything (in the Nicest Way)" is coming to mind right now (as I quickly try to get laundry done before the puppy wakes up) . . .

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but in my case, it really is true. We got Freddy when he was only 5 weeks old, which is much younger than puppies are usually adopted. And, the very first day he was home, he tried very hard to use the newspaper. After only one week, he has our routine pegged (in other words, he has already trained us well). Yes, I realize that such a smart dog is going to be a challenge - but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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It felt great to go back to dancing after so many months! True, I had to pace myself and we were terribly rusty, but my knee held up reasonably well and there are no ill-effects this morning. In fact, if anything, the knee feels a bit better. So, I'm on my way back!
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that everything in the house falls apart when the guys are not around, as soon as J left me home alone for the first day with a teeny, tiny puppy, the smoke detector went off just because I'd taken a shower. When I did all the usual things to shut it up and it refused, I was tempted to take a sledge hammer to it (of course, I don't actually know what a sledge hammer is or if we even have one - it just sounded good). However, having just seen a very scary example of an older woman being totally unable to function when her husband had an emergency, I was determined not to play the role of hysterical female. So I calmly located the smoke detector's instruction manual, followed the totally non-intuitive and confusing instructions step-by-step, and was finally able to get it to shut up. Granted, it was a very small thing, but I'm still proud of myself!
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Deja vu

Apr. 10th, 2016 10:12 am
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There was one moment yesterday during puppy Freddy's first day home with us that I found myself thinking, "Finally! I get to take my shower!" For an instant, I had a flashback to similar moments home with a human baby. And look at how well that turned out!
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I am not a spontaneous person. I like to plan things out, especially when it comes to trips and large, life-changing events. I like to think that I can be flexible within a planned framework, but advance planning helps me feel on top of things and in some semblance of control. And when I make a commitment, you can count on me to follow through. However, I am suddenly getting the clear message that I don't really have much choice in the matter. First it was the unexpected trip to Virginia. Then it was sudden puppy.
The plan was for us to take Tickit and her puppy home at 7 weeks old on April 19th. However, the breeder fell and hurt himself and found he was having trouble dealing with the puppy, so he asked us to pick both dogs up yesterday. Plans for the weekend (and life in general) are totally disrupted - in a wonderful, adorable way.
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might not have been a happy one (medical issues rarely are), but the trip turned out remarkably well. The medical issues seem to be resolving well, everyone was in good moods, and we got plenty of relaxed time with both kids as well as J's parents. Definitely a win-win!
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how much I love live music! We heard Anne E. Dechant at the Music Box Supper Club last night. Good music, excellent company, wonderful food and even good beer - what more could we ask?!
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could feel so great! But given that it was the first time I could exercise since December 3rd, it felt wonderful. Thank goodness for physical therapy and trigger-point massage! I'm nowhere near my usual (and I may have overdone it at that), but it's a start.
Regarding my point system: The simple explanation is that I give myself points for exercise and eating well, so the more the better. In order to not punish or reward myself for having an injury, I've decided to start with 146 points.
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