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gives me some hope for the future of the world (despite other indications). My trip to California may have disrupted my exercise schedule, but a lovely wedding, rare good conversation with my brother, and welcoming my grand-niece Aria to the world more than made up for that.
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I adored the teeny, tiny Freddy - but there is something wonderful about him maturing enough so that we can sleep through the night. This morning, we actually had to get up before the doggies were awake! He's still got a long way to go - we don't even start obedience classes until Tuesday. But sleep is a wonderful thing!
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Freddy just got neutered and had a hernia repair, so we are supposed to keep him quiet for at least 10 days - ha! This little bundle of energy is impossible to keep still - the world is just too exciting! However, we are doing our best and monitoring his incisions closely. He's healing nicely, so we can't be doing too bad of a job. He absolutely hates the Cone of Shame (who wouldn't) - we all can't wait until he is fully healed and can go back to normal!
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J wanted to go to Mabel's BBQ (Michael Symon's new restaurant) for his birthday dinner, but we hadn't quite anticipated the crowds on E. 4th Street on a Saturday evening. Having over an hour wait when we were already hungry could have been frustrating. But with 2 Pokestops and multiple lures going, the wait was a pleasant adventure (and the food was totally worth it as well!)
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is amazing! If you haven't already read his work, you really should. And be ready to think!
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Tickit was never an adventurous walker. She was more of a homebody, especially once she started going into heat. She would need to be encouraged to even walk around the block and didn't push to go in different directions. Her puppy Freddy, however, wants to go anywhere and everywhere, as far as possible. Tickit definitely wants to be in charge and determine where we go - but she's not going to be bested by her son. So she's eager to go on long, exciting walks all over the place. Tickit might not admit it, but Freddy is definitely a good influence.
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We had another exciting geocache adventure this weekend. We were trying to find a cache called "Seldom Seen Trail" at the South Chagrin Reservation (with 2 doggies, of course). The description said that it looked like a social trail, so we tried a bunch of random, semi-trails which only led to bush-wacking but no luck. All along I was asking J if we were going to get lost and he assured me that we were fine. Eventually we gave up on that trail, found another cache, and decided to head back to the car. That was when I discovered that J and I had very different definitions of the word "lost": When he said we weren't going to get lost, he meant that he knew where we were and he knew where the car was - but it turns out that he didn't know how to get from here to there. Not knowing how to get from here to there is exactly my definition of "lost".
Of course, it turned out fine. As we attempted to find the way back to the car, we stumbled upon the actual "Seldom Seen Trail" which did, indeed, turn out to be lovely. We found that cache, found another dog-walker who gave us directions back to the parking lot, and got back to the car in a much more direct route. The dogs, of course, loved every minute.
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Ok - so maybe we didn't know what we were getting into. But it seemed like a good idea to take Tickit and Freddy for a nice, long walk on a beautiful day in Lakeview cemetery. And, while we were at it, we could do some geocaching. And some Pokemon Go. However, trying to keep two overly-excited doggies respectful of tombstones, while being stealthy with geocaching (since there were lots of other people around) and taking advantage of all the pokestops and pokemon around - well, it got a bit wild. At one point, I just frantically stuck my phone in my pocket to deal with the immediate chaos. When I later pulled it out again, I had suddenly gotten my first Tentacool. I actually thought it was amazing (and maybe magical?) that I had thrown a pokeball and caught a new creature without even knowing it. It wasn't until a few days later (when something similar happened again) that I realized that there was nothing magical about it - I had simply hatched an egg.

It was so silly and fun that we are likely to try something quite similar again this weekend.

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After several weeks of exciting and wonderful travel of various types, it's actually lovely to be home and settling back into our version of normal life. True, we are swamped with mundane details and paperwork, but it's a good thing that we actually like our normalcy. It might not seem normal to some people, but it works for us.
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but I found out the truth: It's actually Jim! I didn't expect that - he's such a handy, helpful guy. But on Saturday, Jim was gone from early morning until late at night setting up at Pennsic while I stayed home to take care of the doggies. To my surprise, I got an amazing ton of paperwork and random garbage done. I don't think he actively stops me from working - I guess he is just too distracting?!
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Jul. 30th, 2016 06:30 pm
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Our dog breeder has decided that he won't bother breeding Tickit any more or showing Freddy. This means that we have no more obligations and the dogs are totally ours! What a relief!
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to do outdoor theatre both Saturday and Sunday nights. I was afraid that it might be gruesome, but it turned out to quite pleasant. The temperature cooled down enough to be tolerable and the shows were fun. We hadn't been to theatre at Stan Hywet before and it was a lovely venue. And we always love the free theatre of the Cleveland Shakespeare company - there are still a few shows this season, so don't miss it!
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Freddy finally got all his shots and was given the go-ahead for long walks. We got in one day of walks and even some geocaching (just Southerly Park, but at least it was something). It felt great and the dogs adored it! Now, the very next day, Tickit goes into heat. So no long walks again - at least not with both dogs. I will be so glad when this whole breeding process is over!
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and still be delighted to get a short break from them. I had one afternoon completely free while both dogs were at the groomers. I could sit in air-conditioned comfort (not possible with the puppy since the only air-conditioning we have is upstairs where Freddy does not behave himself) and get a ton of work done. Heaven! (but only because I knew they would be home soon).

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After all, I found myself able to listen to music while accomplishing things and the piles of paper were seeming a bit more manageable. I was even wondering if this might be like when my kids turned around 3 years old: still very absorbing, but just slightly independent enough to take a breath.
Then I realized that I had entered a whole month's worth of checks into the wrong Quicken account.
Oh well, maybe not quite yet . . .
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Simply not an option these days.
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There's nothing like it (except, possibly, live theater)! Simply no comparisons to the recorded versions.
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talk about anything and everything. And if I were actually listening to an audio-book, "The View from the Cheap Seats" might have worked a bit better for me (I'm a sucker for his British accent!) Since I was reading a physical book, however, 502 pages just seemed too long. I realize that I'm not the intended audience, but the middle section of intros to books by authors I don't know did not add much for me personally. But I couldn't skip anything because I might miss some of Neil's words of wisdom! And his words in the first and last third of the book were well worth the slog through the middle.
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hoards of people waiting at each rapid stop as I drive to work! Seeing the mass of excited fans flocking to go downtown for the Cavs celebration party was very impressive. I'm not into sports myself, and I didn't see a single Cavs game, but this positive energy is inspirational and I hope that it will be good for Cleveland.
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if you haven't learned to go down the stairs." J's pronouncement sounds strangely profound.
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